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frequently asked questions

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Post a Job

How do I post a Job?
Simply register your details and job requirements here
Post a Job. You can also do this by clicking ‘Post a Job’ on the home page.

How much does it cost?
Posting a job is a free service to customers.

How fast will trades reply to my job post?
Trade Chaser instantly emails your job to our Pro members. Time frames of contact depend largely on trades availability. We work hard to match your job with the available trades in the shortest amount of time.

Once I have found a Tradesperson how can I delete my job?
Log into your customer profile using your log in details provided when you registered. Click 'Job Posts' then 'Delete' on the relevant job.

How long will my job be posted?
Trade Chaser posts your job for 60 days and then deletes it automatically.

How do I know my tradesperson is a registered business?
Every business registering with Trade Chaser is screened prior to being placed on the website to ensure they are a legitimate business. When you select a tradesperson to do your job, make sure you ask to see your tradesperson's relevant trade licence information, just as you always should.

How will I know the tradesperson I select will do a good job?
Trade Chaser aims to ensure a high standard of tradespeople listed on our website, as they are not only a reflection of themselves but also of Trade Chaser. We have in place a quality rating system allowing previous customers to star rate tradesman or handyman they use. All negative ratings are followed up by our quality control team and poor quality tradespeople will be removed from the site.

What if I require a trade that is not on the trades list?
We are about supporting all trades, so please tell us if your required trade is missing by clicking here

Find a Trade

If I don't want to Post a Job, how can I find a particular trade business in my area?
Just click
here to find a trade to view our Trade Directory. Select your requirements from the drop down menus and you will find your local trade business listings.

How do I find out more information on a trade business?
Click on 'Profile' to view their full business profile.

Trade Professionals

What if my Trade Category is not listed?
We are about supporting all trades, so please tell us if your required trade is missing by
clicking here.

When will I be able to add my profile to my Trade Pro listing?
Once you register we manually review your trade business details to ensure only legitimate businesses join. Once your listing is approved you will be sent a confirmation email with your log in details. Use these details build and update your display profile.


As a registered trade business how many employment adverts can I post?
On the Pro Package you can place up to five active adverts at any one time.

How long are employment adverts posted?
Each advert will be posted for 30 days. If you require the advert to continue for more than 30 days, simply renew it through
update my employment ad.

I'm looking for a job in the trade industry, how can you help me?
If Trade Pro members or Recruitment Agencies are looking for staff, they may place an advert in our employment section. Simply click here or click the Trade Employment tab on the home page, select the category you are interested in and the website will search for jobs in that category. You will be able to contact the business directly.

Haven't found the answer to your question? Please click here to contact a member of our support staff will be happy to assist.